Rabbit Shoes and Tarot Cards: The Book of Speculation is Launched

June 24, 2015 Writing Comments (0) 1070

20150623_194521Yesterday I posted about The Book of Speculationthe debut novel from my friend and author Erika Swyler. Then I hopped on a train to Barnes and Noble on the Upper West Side for her book launch, where she read an excerpt and answered questions from the audience and from host Maris Kriezman.


I finally got to hold a real, physical copy of the book in my hand (which was awesome) and I walked away with a personalized, signed copy and an awesome set of branded tarot cards that tie in with the story.

Oh, and I got to check out Erika’s absolutely fantastic rabbit shoes:


Afterward we headed to the bar, and I got the obligatory selfie-shot. It was approximately 900 degrees in New York City yesterday, so I was a little sweaty. That’s why the shiny face, Dear Readers–I promise you I am not a replicant. At least not that I know of.


Congratulations again to Erika. I predict those rabbit-shoes go viral in 3, 2, 1….

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