The Adventures of REPUBLI-CON

September 30, 2013 Artwork, Comics, Politics / Religion Comments (1) 1311

This comic owes much to Ruben Bolling of Tom the Dancing Bug and to Matt Bors, two terrific cartoonists whose work I’ve admired for years and from whom I’ve learned a lot. Also note, I’m not suggesting this is anywhere near as good as what they do.

This also took me a preposterously long time to finish. I really don’t know how real cartoonists do it.


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Health Care, Breaking Bad, and Virality

September 13, 2013 In The News, Personal, Pop Culture, Video Blog, Writing Comments (5) 1362


I became a little bit famous this week with a Breaking Bad cartoon that went viral. It’s a very strange feeling, and I’m very grateful. I also learned a few things I thought I’d share.


My cartoon, Breaking Bad: Anywhere but America Edition:

If Breaking Bad were made in Canada:

Chris on Tumblr: Chris’s Blog: Chris on Twitter:

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In case you’d like to debate about yesterday’s cartoon

September 9, 2013 Politics / Religion, Pop Culture Comments (16) 2320

(Cross-posted with my Tumblr)

So yesterday, between binge watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, I had an idea for what I considered a clever little cartoon. I spent a couple hours drawing and coloring, and then uploaded it to share with my modest little base of readers.

I must have struck a nerve, because today it took off on Twitter like nothing I’ve ever done. This is surprising, overwhelming, flattering, and exciting. As an aspiring author it’s important to get my name and my web site “out there,” and while I assure you that was not my intention (any more than it ever is when I put something on Twitter) I’m very grateful to all of you who felt my little cartoon was good enough to share. Thank you.

Meanwhile, tweets are arriving in my feed that want to debate me on the cartoon, most of them reciting the same old tired fallacies about socialized single-payer health care, especially the trope that people in Europe and Canada have to wait so long for care that they invariably die before receiving it. Mind you, every person telling me this is American—not one of them lives in a country where they’d have actual first-hand knowledge of this.

So with the disclaimer that I really just wanted to draw a clever little comic strip that called attention to a particular political interpretation of a show I’m enjoying, and those five panels were intended neither as a damning indictment of the American for-profit health care system nor an airtight case for single-payer socialized health insurance, I will indulge those who are looking for something more substantive. Continue Reading

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