The Algorithm is Gonna Get Ya

September 9, 2014 Artwork, Comics, In The News Comments (1) 958

Twitter announces additional innovative new features.

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March 24, 2014 Animals, Artwork, Comics Comments (0) 1025

Point of trivia: You can tell because a crocodile’s fourth lower tooth is enlarged and visible (sticking up behind its nostrils) when its mouth is closed.

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Rocket Science

March 18, 2014 Artwork, Comics Comments (0) 1015

My boss and I got into a conversation about the origin of this expression. Her question: “What did people say before there was such a thing as rocket science?”

I don’t know, but I knew this worked best as a New Yorker-style cartoon.

My alternate caption was “I wish I were taller.”

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Oscar Portraits

March 2, 2014 Artwork, In The News Comments (0) 519

Pharell, Lupita, and CumberbatchPharell, Lupita, and Cumberbatch


JLaw and Amy AdamsJ-Law and Amy Adams

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