Quaker Philadelphia, Robber Baron New York

February 14, 2013 New York City, Personal, Philly / Pennsylvania Comments (1) 562

Mulberry Street NYC circa 1900

Since moving from Philadelphia to New York City, one thing I’ve really had trouble with is the culture around money. Mind you, I’m a professional fundraiser, so the subject of money isn’t a strange one; but there’s a real difference in the way money, and wealth, make their presence known. In all the wealthy cities I’ve visited, including Toronto and Corona del Mar, I have never felt as low on the totem pole as I do in Midtown Manhattan. Almost every day, I walk past one or more businesses aimed at people¬†wealthier¬†than I could ever hope to be.

In a city with the world’s second highest population of billionaires, money is always going to make itself known–but I find something vulgar in the way New York obsesses over wealth. It isn’t the number of businesses that cater to the super-rich, so much; it’s the number of businesses that specialize in making a fuss about how wealthy their clients are. Continue Reading

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