#PitchWars: My Mentee Bio

November 27, 2013 Writing Comments (15) 2466

**Quick Update: #PimpMyBio is now officially “That thing where would-be-mentees post their own Pitch Wars bios,” which is awesome, and Dannie Morin has taken on compiling the full directory–up to almost 50 at last count! If you’re an aspiring mentee, why not add your own?**

That’s right, it’s PITCH WARS 2013, and I am sending around a query and five sample pages to four would-be mentors in hope of a partnership that yields fame, fortune, and world domination. Next year, it will be me licking a sledgehammer nude on MTV! Or, you know, just a book deal would be nice.

After the hours I’ve spent reading mentor bios, it occurred to me that a would-be mentor might appreciate a similar opportunity to learn a few things about me. So I put together a little list of my own.

First, an introduction: As you can probably tell from the header, my name is Christopher Keelty. My Pitch Wars project is a 95,000-word science fiction novel (for adults) featuring superheroes and LGBT themes in a future setting. I write adult speculative fiction, usually science fiction or fantasy but sometimes tip-toeing into horror or paranormal. With that background, I present….

The Top Eight Reasons I Should Be Your Pitch Wars Mentee

8. I’m easy to collaborate with. Over thirteen years of collaborative writing in a business environment, you have to get there. I’m entirely capable of hearing criticism of my work, even if it’s sometimes harsh, without throwing a temper tantrum or declaring that YOU ARE A GATEKEEPER AND I SHALL NOW SELF-PUBLISH MY PERFECT MASTERPIECE.

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Weekend Roundup: Free Cocaine!

September 17, 2013 Personal, Pop Culture Comments (0) 451

Saturday night was my first Lit Crawl NYC. I had a great time with the folks from the Center for Fiction and Hyphen Magazine, and I spent most of the night with a dear friend and fellow writer who had shared good news.

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely the small black pouch I found at Three of Cups in the East Village. We were in the basement bar, a classic New York setting lit barely bright enough to see your drink, and the pouch was half-tucked between the cushions of of a sofa. I looked inside to see whether there was an ID, and instead found a baggie of weed and a dozen or so small glass vials of white powder.

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VIDEO BLOGGAGE: Nainaine Release Day

August 7, 2013 Writing Comments (0) 472

NAINAINE RELEASE DAY! Also, why I couldn’t film at the New York Public Library. You get bonus points if you walked past me filming in Central Park.

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“Nainaine of the Bayou” is FREE to read at Black Treacle!

August 6, 2013 Writing Comments (0) 451

NainaineBannerI’m thrilled to announce the publication of another short story, Nainaine of the Bayou, which you can read for free right now over at Black Treacle magazine. Not only can you read the story free via your browser, the kind folks over at Black Treacle will even let you download a free ebook version of their magazine for your tablet or eReader!

Nainaine of the Bayou is set in Murka, which means it shares a world with Toll Road, though the two take place thousands of miles apart. The story follows Nell, a young girl wandering the swamps and flooded ruins of what once was New Orleans, accompanied only by her zombie grandmother. They are searching for the witch Nainaine Laveau, whose magic Nell hopes might bring Grandmere back from undeath.

Black Treacle is a magazine of horror, dark fantasy, and speculative fiction, which means I fit in just fine. While you’re there, you can read other great work by authors Mike Rimar and Christian Riley. I confess I haven’t read their stories yet (I’ve been too busy promoting my own…) but I intend to, and I’ll post reviews once I have.

I know of no further publications coming until 2014, but there are a few things brewing behind the scenes here at Keelty Labs, and I may have a few surprises left in store. For now, go check out Black Treacle, and let me know what you think.


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Bedbugs! Also, one week until a new short story!

June 26, 2013 Personal, Writing Comments (0) 502


One week until The Watchers in the Dark is published in Jersey Devil Press! Also, a brief story about bedbugs–it doesn’t have a happy ending.

While you’re at it, how about subscribing to my YouTube channel?

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