On Ghostbusters 3 and Feminism

January 30, 2015 Politics / Religion, Pop Culture, Science Fiction & Fantasy Comments (0) 1483

Meninist Ghostbusters

Image from Twitter, via Jezebel

Just a couple of quick thoughts on this, because menninists¬†aren’t worth a lot of my time or yours.

  1. The casting of a woman, or women, in a movie¬†even in a role you think belongs to a man is not in fact an act of “feminism.”
  2. That anyone would regard said casting as the latest offensive in some bullshit culture-war just demonstrates the need for feminism.
  3. A movie remake does not change the original movie, alter the past, or in any way impact your precious “childhood.”
  4. The fact that you like something, that you consider yourself a fan of that thing, gives you no ownership whatsoever over that thing.

That’s all for now.


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