On Keeping Your Health Insurance

November 13, 2013 In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (4) 886

President Obama: “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. Period.”
Americans: “We lost our health insurance plans!”
President Obama: “Those weren’t real health insurance plans, they were scams.”
Americans: “But we liked being scammed!”

I don’t understand why the Administration is not doing a better job messaging. Most of America seems to be under the impression people are losing cheap, quality health care plans, when what Obamacare is actually doing is shutting down scams that looked like health insurance, but never even paid back the cost of premiums, ever.

It’s not as if the information isn’t out there. Consumer Reports described the plans in question as “[not] real health insurance at all.” Daily Kos has done a great job following up on reports of people who claimed their costs were soaring, and found that Obamacare is actually getting them better plans at lower prices, and explaining how insurance companies alarmist cries “Obamacare is shutting down your plan” are pretty much–surprise–a scam. Continue Reading

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My Own Experiences with Health Care

September 12, 2013 Personal, Politics / Religion Comments (15) 3306

In the three days since I posted my surprisingly popular Breaking Bad: Anywhere But America Edition comic strip, and since Michael Moore very kindly retweeted both the comic and my unscientific poll on socialized health care, my blog and Twitter have become venues for discussions of the American health care system and its alternatives.

And I have a confession to make: I’m not informed enough to really engage in this debate. I mean, I know the basics, and I’m suddenly motivated to get much deeper into the policy, but even though I’m a bit of a policy wonk, I know a lot less about health care policy than I do about, say, Constitutional law and related jurisprudence.

What I can do is share my own personal experiences with health care in the US—and [pullquote]if you are kind enough to share your own experiences, especially as they contrast with my own, we might really produce something illustrative and useful.[/pullquote] So here we go:

For starters, when I was 15 I fractured a vertebra in my lumbar spine. Never mind how; the story involves high school gym and a tall set of bleachers and a massive moment of personal stupidity. Luckily my dad had a job with good health insurance, and we were able to afford the ensuing hospitalization, the back brace I had to wear for a few months, and the physical therapy. Though looking back now, it may very well have put my family on the verge of bankruptcy, and my parents never told me—though I doubt it. Continue Reading

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