My name is Chris, and I’m a multitasker.

August 27, 2014 Personal, Writing Comments (5) 1239

Yesterday I began a quest to stop multitasking.

Now, normally I look down my nose at this kind of self-help “life coaching” nonsense, so let me explain.

Have you heard about Ingress yet? It’s a massive multiplayer game developed by Google for your smartphone. As a player, you use your phone to claim territory for your team, but to do so you have to physically walk around the real world and interact with your smartphone near landmarks and works of public art. It’s a neat concept, a kind of cross between geocaching and RISK, and has the bonus of forcing the player to exercise.

The problem is that in the seven days I played Ingress, it took over all of my outdoor time. Any time I was on the move, whether commuting to work, going to a movie with my girlfriend, or just out for a stroll, I was staring at my phone and looking for the next Ingress portal to hack. At home, I would get alert notifications from the game–someone was attacking one of my portals! Time to recharge my resonators! Continue Reading

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