I Chose Not to Draw Mohammed. Here’s Why.

January 8, 2015 In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (1) 497

As someone who draws political cartoons, I wanted to show support and solidarity after the horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo. I didn’t have time to draw a real cartoon, so I grabbed a pen and scrawled a quick message in my remedial (and poorly conjugated) French: Cowards, you fear our pens, but we refuse to fear your guns.

But I thought I should draw something. This is, after all, about cartooning. My first idea was a little sketch of the Prophet Mohammed, thumbing his nose or sticking his tongue out at the extremists who killed in his name. That felt like an appropriate way to honor the spirit and courage of the slain satirists at Charlie Hebdo.

As you can see, I ultimately thought better of that, and went with a simple candle. Why? Continue Reading

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