At the Track, July 2017

July 21, 2017 Photography Comments (0) 167

The relationship between photographer and model works both ways! I get to enjoy taking pictures, and Corky (who is also a professional running coach and personal trainer) gets plenty for her blog, Instagram, etc. We made a quick stop on our vacation to shoot around the track on a bright summer day.

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Liz was interviewed by Women’s Running

July 22, 2015 Personal Comments (0) 964

elizabeth-corkum-2Yesterday I shared a story about Liz, my girlfriend who coaches runners professionally. Today, you can read an interview with her in Women’s Running [the same running magazine that just put a plus-size model on their cover*] where she shares advice about what to do after a run or a race. Here’s a taste of the kind of expertise you can access if you don’t treat your coach like a prostitute:

What is most important to have in your checked bag?
In your checked bag, be sure to include something for refueling. “You may have to wait a long time to get out of the athlete’s village and it may be awhile before you can get out for a larger meal.” Corkum packs a protein powder and a shaker to use with the water she is given at the finish line. Within 10 minutes of crossing the finish line, you can get 200-300 calories of protein in to start the rebuilding process, to feel better, faster.

You can find Liz online at Coach Corky Runs.

*Just a related aside here: After seeing Liz, who is also a professional model and usually size zero or an extra small, rejected from the cover of another leading running magazine for being “too heavy,” it was especially gratifying to see Women’s Running use a plus-size cover model. The vast majority of runners in America look more like her than the models on the covers of most magazines–most of whom aren’t actually runners at all.


Photo: Elizabeth Corkum

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A Minor Mishap

June 25, 2015 Personal Comments (0) 634

tw: bloodshed, fat legs

Next time I have knee surgery, I think I’ll go to a doctor instead of the sidewalk.

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How to be a Good Hotel on a Marathon Weekend

September 22, 2014 In The News, Personal, Reviews, Travels Comments (0) 675

It’s marathon season, which means time for runners to book hotels. Actually, it’s late September, which means marathon accommodations will be hard to find in many cities. If you’re running and haven’t booked your stay yet, get on that.

Over the years I’ve noticed varying levels of preparedness among hotel staff on marathon weekends. Some hotels cater to a marathoner’s every need, while others seem surprised to learn there is a marathon in town–especially surprising when 2/3 of the guests are probably there to run.

In the interest of improving accommodations for marathoners everywhere, and to help you hoteliers satisfy your customers and make more money, I’ve put together a quick list of ways you can better serve your marathon guests, in order of descending importance.

  • Rule 1: Offer an extended check-out. Marathons generally start around 7 or 8 AM and take 3-6 hours, depending on a runner’s ability level. With wave starts, slower runners start later than faster runners–sometimes, as at the New York City Marathon, hours later. Bad weather can occasionally delay a start, and blisters and minor injuries can slow a runner’s time. Factor in time to travel from the finish back to your hotel and grab a quick shower before leaving, and your 11 AM checkout isn’t going to cut it. I’ve seen hotels offer extended checkout as late as 3 PM, but even just extending until 1:00 will accommodate most runners. On the other hand I’ve encountered hotel managers who refuse to extend checkout, which is a quick way to piss off marathoners and ensure they’ll never come back.

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How to Start Running (featuring Coach Corky)

June 3, 2014 In The News, Video Blog Comments (0) 759

Tomorrow is National Running Day, and Coach Corky (one of New York City’s top running trainers, who also happens to be my girlfriend) stopped by my YouTube channel to offer advice for beginning runners, suggest a few reasons you should start running, and tell us about her crazy plan to run 100 miles in 24 hours next month.


Coach Corky’s YouTube Channel

Couch to 5K

Back On My Feet 20in24

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