Ted Cruz, the Birther Movement, and Tea Party Hypocrisy

March 23, 2015 In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 1048

Today, if all the predictions are correct, Senator Ted Cruz will officially announce his candidacy for President of the United States. Here’s my favorite thing about Cruz for President: He wasn’t born in the United States, but in Canada.

Now, you might be wondering: Doesn’t that mean he’s ineligible to be President? While the answer isn’t entirely clear (meaning the Supreme Court has never ruled) the consensus is that Cruz is eligible. His mother was a U.S. citizen, which experts say makes him a “natural born citizen,” the requirement laid out in the Constitution.

But if you’ve been paying attention for the last eight years, you might be asking yourself another question: Isn’t this exactly what the birthers accused President Obama of? Wasn’t there a three-year, Trump-funded hunt to find “the real birth certificate” because the birthers believed Obama was born in Kenya to a mother who as a U.S. citizen?

The answer is yes, of course, which is why I love Ted Cruz for President; he’s the Tea Party’s darling, and the Venn diagram of Birthers and the Tea Party is basically a circle. Which means, come the Republican primaries, [pullquote]thousands of them will be supporting Cruz, a candidate who definitively is the thing they believed made Barack Obama ineligible for the Presidency[/pullquote]–and every vote for Cruz is a tacit endorsement of Barack Obama’s Presidency, even if the birthers were right.

Of course, the whole Tea Party position is basically window dressing for racism, and the birther movement was never about Constitutional law so much as it was about race. It wasn’t “born outside the United States” that freaked the birthers out, it was “born in Kenya,” and–surprise, surprise–being born in Canada just doesn’t offend them the same way.

Besides racism, the only consistent thing about the Tea Party is their hypocrisy. So in that sense, Ted Cruz really is the perfect Tea Party candidate.

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