Ten Things I Learned from the Genesis Documentary, “Sum of the Parts.”

November 5, 2014 Pop Culture Comments (0) 514

  1. Tony Banks says “The Lamb Lies Down on Broaday” was his least favorite thing the band ever did. His favorite is “Duchess,” from the album Duke.
  2. Please read #1 again.
  3. “Duchess” is, ironically enough, about a washed-up former music star reflecting back on her glory days.
  4.  Tony Banks did not like Peter Gabriel wearing costumes on stage, and would not have allowed it to happen if he’d known about it in advance. He is clearly still quite salty about it.
  5. Tony Banks very openly resents Phil Collins solo success, and makes a point of letting everyone know that Phil “never played ‘In the Air Tonight’ for the band” before putting it on his solo record–Phil claims otherwise.
  6. Oh hey, please go back and read #1 again.
  7. The band apparently performed “Whodunnit” live in concert in the 1980s. So there’s that.
  8. Peter Gabriel says “The Lamb” is about “letting go of one’s self in order to make room for a new self.”
  9. Tony Banks feels that “Land of Confusion” was a powerful political statement.
  10. Mike Rutherford just seems happy that people remember he was in the band too.

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