The end of another year approaches

December 21, 2009 Personal, Writing Comments (0) 368

Haven’t posted much recently, sorry about that.  Just got home from a trip to NYC to visit friends and family – family got cut out because of the blizzard, but I got to hole up with a friend and watch movies for hours on end, and that ranks in my book as a pretty great weekend.  Granted, the 7 hour trip back from NYC to Philly (thanks to trains delayed by snow) was unexpected, as was the pink eye I’m now apparently suffering from, but such is life.  At least it’s almost Christmas!

2009 was the year I turned 30, and the year I really, really, for real finished and attempted to market my first novel.  I end the year with almost 30 more rejection letters than I began it with.  I won’t lie, that’s a huge disappointment considering how great I felt about my last rewrite, but it’s part of the process.  As so many publishing blogs remind us, it frequently takes 3 or more finished novels before an agent bites.  Selling novels is like fly fishing, if it took one to five years to tie each fly.

It’s now time to put Volve in a drawer somewhere and focus on another book.  I’ve got at least five more in my head, two of which I’ve got at least partial first drafts for, and I think it’s time to finish and revise something fresh rather than attempt yet another rewrite on the same novel I’ve been writing and rewriting for ten years.  I’ll probably revisit it in the future – the story is too dear to me to be lost entirely – and I’ll still send out queries when I come across new agents who might be interested, but at the moment it doesn’t appear to be the first novel I’ll sell.  Oh well.

Here’s hoping that 2010 will be the year I finish my second novel – and perhaps 2011 will be the year I finally sell something.

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