The Lamb Lies Down…in Ardmore!

Took in The Musical Box performing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tonight. Absolutely spectacular. They get better every time I see them. We are about eight rows back from the stage for this show (last time I saw them we were much further back) and it really made the show that much better.

A few photos from the show (camera phone, couldn’t do better):

This is performing “Back in New York City,” one of my favorite songs from The Lamb. Without getting into too much detail about the story, this is the song where the main character’s rage and anger are really spilled out for all to see. Very dramatic, and the performance tonight carried it across 100%.

You can’t see it that well (sorry) but this is the famous “slipperman” costume sequence, perhaps the visual highlight of The Lamb live show. The guy in the middle is the main character, who is transformed into a misshapen man whose features are not fixed to his body, but ‘slip’ from place to place. He has absurdly large genitalia, portrayed by an inflated balloon, which must be removed to cure the affliction. Again, a key point of the Genesis legend, and the boys from The Musical Box get it spot-on.

This is actually AFTER “The Lamb” was over, they did another Genesis classic–Watcher of the Skies–as an encore. I’ve seen them do this song now three times, and this was the best so far. The bat wings are kind of hard to explain–Genesis became famous in the early 70s for the wacky costumes Peter Gabriel would wear. The costumes themselves were a way of compensating for an early lack of lights or effects, and they became such a trademark that they stuck around when those things were added. Bat wings are perhaps the best known. Which leads me to my next photo.

I don’t really dig on kids, but this one’s all right by me.

My brother brought a couple of his friends to the show as well. I got a call just before the first encore to let me know that they’d left before The Lamb was even over–just after “The Light Dies Down on Broadway!” Not only did they miss the conclusion of the story, but they missed three of the best songs of the whole night–“Riding the Scree,” “The Musical Box,” and “Watcher.” Why did they leave early? Well, not knowing the album makes it a bit harder to appreciate the performance, for one. Two, audience members were singing–nay, my brother says, “screaming”–along with the music and ruining the experience, and three, there were people smoking marijuana, and my brother and at least one of his friends are totally uncomfortable with that.

So overall, GREAT show, but I think you have to be a Genesis fan, or at least a fan of progressive rock in general, to truly appreciate The Musical Box.

Afterward, we grabbed a slice at Lorenzo’s on South Street and then headed over to 12th Air Command for a little while. OK night, but I just don’t enjoy their all-ages night as much as I enjoy all-ages at Woody’s. The music’s not as good, and the dance floor is actually TOO crowded, as impossible as that sounds. Anyway it was fun, and a good way to end the night. Very attractive crowd.

So that’s it. Tomorrow I have to go to the gym, and I have a hockey game in the evening. In between I think I might try to go see Narnia or something. For now, though, sleep is the way to go. Jeez, it’s nearly 4 AM! Yeah, sleep. Sleep is good.


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