The Society of Uncompromising Douchebags

I really hate this commercial. It’s the Wiser’s whiskey spot with the guy holding his wife’s purse in the mall. If you haven’t seen it, I’m linking it below–but if you have seen it, I’m going to politely suggest they don’t need more traffic.


Sure, the idea that a man holding his wife’s purse for even a few moments demeans his masculinity, that’s an old chestnut of the lazy cliché commercial. But in case that wasn’t misogynistic (and homophobic) enough, this guy drops the bag on the floor [“fuck your new iPhone, honey!”] and then picks it up with an inside-out plastic bag, the way a person cleans up dogshit.

Then the tableau of guys representing various ethnicities, ages, and income levels applauds him and his self-satisfied little face. Of course, they’re all hanging out in a mall drinking whiskey, and only one of them has a chair. So I’m not so convinced about their “uncompromising” taste.

I’ve never had Wiser’s whiskey, and I’m certainly not looking to buy a bottle now. Anyone who is advertising to the drooling, brain-dead demographic that finds this kind of tired misogyny amusing [and they’re out there–I’m related to some of them] doesn’t want my business.


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