TMBG Countdown #13: When Will You Die

April 18, 2015 Pop Culture, Reviews Comments (0) 888

First release: Join Us, 2011

(This is an ongoing countdown that will be updated through April. Click here for the full list.)

Join Us was a pure pleasure for most TMBG fans for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was this gem. Reminiscent of the band’s earlier sound, the song may sound a little thin at first listen–a result of speeding up all the instruments beneath real-time vocals. The bass line is particularly challenging, and yet bassist Danny Weinkauf plays it live without significant slowing or modification.

In interviews, John Linnell talked about the notably hateful lyrics, stating that they are not about any particular person and that he thought numerous times about scrapping them and starting over, except that others encouraged him to keep working. When listeners assume the song must be aimed at someone, Linnell says he likes to say “It’s about someone in this room, but I don’t want to say who.”

Alex says: This song rocks so much! It’s kind of what I imagine Canadian hate-mail looking like.

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