Weekend Roundup: Free Cocaine!

Saturday night was my first Lit Crawl NYC. I had a great time with the folks from the Center for Fiction and Hyphen Magazine, and I spent most of the night with a dear friend and fellow writer who had shared good news.

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely the small black pouch I found at Three of Cups in the East Village. We were in the basement bar, a classic New York setting lit barely bright enough to see your drink, and the pouch was half-tucked between the cushions of of a sofa. I looked inside to see whether there was an ID, and instead found a baggie of weed and a dozen or so small glass vials of white powder.

I put that pouch right back where I found it.

Liz and I are still spending most of our free time watching Breaking Bad, which is exactly why I resisted watching it for so long. I knew once I started, it would suck up all my time until I reached the end of the series. We’re almost through season four, and hoping to be caught up in time for the series finale.

On that note, this next part contains spoilers, so highlight the paragraph if you’d like to read: I’m dead certain Gus Fring is gay, which makes the character so much more interesting–though not nearly as interesting as the ridiculous debate I found when I googled “Gus Fring Gay.” The number of viewers who went from zero to RAGE at the suggestion the character might be anything but straight was startling, though I guess not surprising–they’re probably the same people who were enraged last night by a non-white Miss America.

I did find time to work in a nine-mile run, taking advantage of an absolutely beautiful day in Central Park. I’m way behind my usual training pace for mid-September, especially with the Philly Half Marathon coming up in two months. I’m also a lot fatter than I’ve been in some time–hopefully I can resolve both issues in the next few weeks.

Sunday night I saw my little Breaking Bad comic strip got a writeup on PBS Newshour. That’s in addition to Salon, Buzzfeed, Reddit, and a couple of sites I’m less familiar with: The Loop¬†and Meneame, which is in Spanish.

This has been quite a week.


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