Why is America so Divided?

November 20, 2013 Politics / Religion Comments (2) 626

The United States is more divided, politically, than we have been since the Civil War–so say several recent studies. The question is: Why? I think it’s because Americans get our news from a record number of sources–and many of them aren’t nearly as interested in journalism as they are in revenue from advertisers. So what can we do to make things better?

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Why is America so Divided?

  1. cyril says:

    THX Christophe ask this question. For myself, I think That our world is over bombed by information by million of sources.Tv WEb (Blog, social network, etc..) But in fact, you have the impression that you’re conected to the worl, but you what that the mass of “info” will show to you, People will easly lokk at something who make the “buzz”. But te real question is : Cool, I’m connected to Japan, to France, etc…But who make between the false and the real ? For myself when I search info on the web I look argument for the thing I’m looking for but also arguement who are against it. And, I try to make my proper opinion. I think it’s sad that million of people aheve 200 or more friends on FB or another social network but don’t know thw the namne of their neighbour and perhaps ah liven 3-4 years just the appartement beside and never speak with him (her). I would probal^bly passed for a old “schock” but one time I was in train with younger people and in fact they don’t speak a word , they were alle with their phone. Just at a moment when a girl say to another . Oh, look what you send me ! In fact there was using their phone to communicted between them. But they were in in the same place but they comminicate via their phone ! That wher I realize I was old ! In fact I’realize that the only person with I can have a discussion in public transport was old person or people from other land. It’s strange but when you try to speak to somebody (Just say good mornng). people take it like a “agression” but I think it’s also more stronger in the land where I live now, Switrzerland. I has the chance to travell and to see wo people have different “custom” for this. And, for me, the place where I found the more “contact” between people is Afrca.Where the notion of “familly” in the large sens, and communoty have for a time a meaning. Too munch informations kill information, I don’t know who say it, but I think his right.

  2. cyril says:

    Just a littlelast thing a “Web info” that I like, ’cause it treats of a lot differents info . It’s http://www.theupworthiest.(com)

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