What My Partner’s Abortion Taught Me: Men Benefit from Choice, Too

"Her choice meant I could continue pursuing the personal and professional life I wanted ... and that I wouldn’t lose my partner to a botched ...
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It Was Never About Liberty

"Throughout American history, freedom and liberty have taken a back seat to revenue and profit... It is breaking with our traditions, not honoring them, to ...
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Racism is Driving Modern American Gun Culture

"That 'responsible gun owner' might keep his weapons safely locked away, but if you drill down far enough you’ll find a deep fear and distrust ...
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7 ways to be a better ally in 2018

"You and me? We're not wearing safety pins and performing our allyship. We're actually going to do the things our white racist founding fathers wrote ...
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Dear White People, Your Safety Pins are Embarassing

"Marginalized people know the long history of white people calling themselves allies while doing nothing to help."
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The L Stands for Lizardman - Comic by Christopher Keelty

The L stands for Lizardmen

The Supreme Court moves toward progress, and unwittingly removes the final obstacle preventing total Lizardman domination.
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