Riviera Maya, Dec 2017

Riviera Maya, at the Northeast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, is a favorite vacation destination--and you can see why. Beach/swimwear photography is my favorite genre to shoot, and I've already expressed my good fortune at...

Squatty Totty

No caption or anything, just a random Trump drawing for you today.

GalacTrump Hungers!

I wanted to do SOMETHING to honor the late, great Jack Kirby for his 100th birthday... and since everything is politics these days, here you are.

Just Don’t Look

"Look what Hillary did to me!"

Devil’s Advocate

Nazis definitely have free speech under US law. You don't have to keep reminding everybody.

Republi-Con to the Rescue

John McCain, Republican super-hero, rushes to Washington to stop poor people from enjoying health care.

At the Track, July 2017

The relationship between photographer and model works both ways! I get to enjoy taking pictures, and Corky (who is also a professional running coach and personal trainer) gets plenty for her blog, Instagram, etc....

Sullivan County, NY – July 2017

Corky and I took a little trip upstate, mostly for relaxation but also to shoot some photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Ireland, June 2017

Corky and I had the good fortune to visit Ireland in June of 2017, visiting Limerick, Cork, Kinsale, Cashel, and Dublin. We took the opportunity to visit as many ruined castles as possible, and...

Sam Guthrie, AKA Cannonball

I realize this doesn't  qualify as a "cartoon," but I've been having some fun recently drawing beefcake comic book characters. Here's Sam Guthrie, AKA Cannonball, always a character I kind of had the hots...