Corporate Religion - Comic by Christopher Keelty

Corporate Religions

Hobby Lobby’s argument that a corporation can itself have a religion (as opposed to the individual religions of its owners, board members, and executives) is so patently absurd it’s surprising the Supreme Court even granted cert. What’s frightening is the possibility they might agree. Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress wrote a decidedly terrifying summary of the oral argument that

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Have a Coke and a Smile - Comic by Christopher Keelty

Have a Coke and a Smile

There’s an old urban legend that Fanta originates as “Nazi Coke,” which isn’t true actually, because as you can see, Coke was Nazi Coke. Those posters behind Max in the first frame are both closely drawn from actual promotional materials. Now we have Coke as sponsor of the Sochi Olympics, of course, in which their role is not only to help

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