Video: New Zombie Fiction and Other Updates

May 19, 2014 Personal, Video Blog, Writing Comments (0) 390

Sorry to be an absentee around here the last week or two. I’ve gone back into the writing process, this time revising the novel I finished drafting in March, Tsar Bomb. The good news is I’m almost halfway through my first read-through, and it’s the cleanest first draft I think I’ve ever written.

It still needs major work, of course, but I might be sold on the particular writing process I used on this one. Maybe I’ll share that process here at some point.

In the meantime, the video above contains a couple of announcements, about the Jersey Devil Press Sampler that went out at the Asbury Park Comicon a few weeks ago, and about the Black Chaos zombie anthology from Big Pulp that drops next month. You know, the one I’m in, that you can pre-order until June 1? That one?

Being buried in revisions, I may be posting less frequently for a while, but I’ll try to keep up. The videos and cartoons take a lot of time to create, so those particularly may be less frequent. Fiction is my first priority.

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Asbury Park Comic-Con

April 8, 2014 Comic Books, Writing Comments (0) 355


If you’re heading to New Jersey this weekend for the Asbury Park Comic Con, you can pick up a free print copy of The Watchers in the Dark, as well as some other great short fiction!

The gang from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (also known as the cast of Comic Book Men) will be giving out a free sampler from Jersey Devil Press that includes my humble Lovecraftian weird tale first published electronically last summer. This is the first time the story is being published in actual ink-on-paper, so it’s a very limited edition.

I haven’t put my hands on a copy yet, but I believe there are a handful in the mail on their way to me, and I’ll share a photo when I get them. If you get a copy, and you want to send me a photo (of the sampler, or you with the sampler, or something else involving the sampler) that would be super cool and I’ll share it here and on Twitter.

As much as I’d love to check out the con myself, it looks like my schedule isn’t going to allow it. If you’d for some reason like me to sign your sampler (thereby reducing its value to something less than free) I’m happy to do it, but we’ll have to arrange something by mail.

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