This is one of those “How did my life lead me here?” moments.

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I’ve been meaning to check out the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue for quite a while–it’s only a couple blocks south from my office, and I’ve walked past it on many a lunch break. I always suspected the “museum” was an ad-on to exploit some loophole and locate a sex shop in such a prime location, but it turns out I was wrong: It appears the sex shop is the afterthought, a means to help fund the museum. Continue Reading

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Porn, College, and a Woman’s Right to Choose

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Duke University

Just a heads up: Many of the links in this post are NSFW.

In January, some ass at Duke revealed at a fraternity rush event that his friend and fellow freshman was doing online porn. According to his account, he promised her that he would keep her secret, but then revealed it anyway because, you know, frats.

What a dick, right? He treated his friend with zero respect, as if doing porn made her into his property, and he was entitled to make her decisions for her with no consideration for her feelings. Doing porn was her choice, but so was doing it under a pseudonym, and by outing her he took away her right to make decisions for herself. Someone should teach him a lesson, right? Hold that thought. Continue Reading

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