How not to hire a running coach

July 21, 2015 Personal Comments (1) 954

My beautiful and talented girlfriend Liz owns her own business as a running coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer here in New York City. She’s coached recreational runners, marathoners, and triathletes all to great success, and her business has grown rapidly in the last couple of years. Until Monday, she’d never had a serious problem with a client–but that changed when a friend referred a new client, let’s call him Sean.

Liz didn’t want to blog about this herself, to avoid further aggravation, but gave me permission to share it with names and identifying information redacted. These are screenshots of their conversation, beginning just as they discuss payment and schedule a lunch meeting to discuss Sean’s running experience and training goals.


“IDK why you’d think I’m asking you out! All I did was invite to you to dinner twice, after we’d already scheduled a lunch meeting! Also, I’m married! Married men never hit on strange women, and they certainly never use their marriage as a smokescreen to escape from a pickup gone wrong…” Continue Reading

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