The L Stands for Lizardmen

June 30, 2015 Comics Comments (0) 813

This comic first appeared (with a slightly modified last panel) in Fusion.

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The Homosexual Putsch (Love Wins!)

June 26, 2015 ACLU, Gay and Lesbian, In The News Comments (0) 817

Here’s the decision.

FINALLY! We queers can remove our flesh-masks and reveal our true reptilian forms!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go marry a goat.


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Government Prayer and the Supreme Court

May 6, 2014 ACLU, In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 416

I took to video to share my thoughts about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Town of Greece v Galloway. It’s a terrible ruling that opens the door for towns across America to essentially endorse unofficially-official religions.

I spent some time on Twitter yesterday talking to people who think the ruling is a good idea, but I think most of them misunderstand the questions in this case–if they don’t suffer more systemic misunderstandings about the history of the United States and the Constitution. Continue Reading

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Corporate Religions

March 31, 2014 Artwork, Comics, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 1041

Corporate Religion cartoon by Christopher Keelty

Hobby Lobby’s argument that a corporation can itself have a religion (as opposed to the individual religions of its owners, board members, and executives) is so patently absurd it’s surprising the Supreme Court even granted cert. What’s frightening is the possibility they might agree.

Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress wrote a decidedly terrifying summary of the oral argument that suggests Justice Anthony Kennedy (everyone’s favorite swing vote) favors Hobby Lobby’s position. Dahlia Lithwick at Slate seems no more optimistic.

It’s hard to imagine the Court authoring a ruling that could have such catastrophic and far-reaching consequences, but as long as four of the Justices remain partisan ideologues, it seems entirely possible. So laugh for now–in a year it might not be funny any more.

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