For D-Day: An Excerpt from my Great-Grandfather’s WW2 Journal

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My mother posted this to Facebook this morning for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. My great-grandfather, George (Buddy) Kraus, kept a detailed journal of his experience in World War II. The following is an excerpt from that journal.


June 11th

4:30 AM. We join convoy and get under way travelling zigzag course all the time. Lots of warships and destroyers escorting us. Plenty of planes overhead. The water is very calm, a very nice day for crossing the Channel. Nobody of our bunch got seasick. All of us wore life preserver belts at all times. They were never off our bodies.

It’s about 8 PM and the sun is starting to slowly fade out. We can now see the beach about 10 miles ahead of us. We are now coming through the paths cleared for us by minesweepers. We are flanked on both sides by the greatest concentration of Naval Power the world had ever seen. Battle cruisers, heavy and light cruisers, aircraft carriers, submarines, and destroyers, all keeping a careful eye on us as we proceed ahead to beach. We are going very slow now. A British Corvette is directly in front of us. There is the British warship H.M.S. Rodney, “The Grand Old Lady of Salerno” laying down a terrific barrage from her all-powerful turret guns. The waters are very calm. We are now approximately five miles from the beach and going very slow and feel it is the end of a very uneventful trip.

Guess I spoke a little too early for the Gods of Fate have decided to deal us a little hand.
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