If They Were Black, Episode One: Abe Lincoln

I doubt this needs much explanation. Correct me if I'm wrong.  

Dylann Roof is the Monster White America Deserves

America will try to portray the killer as an outlier, but he is the product of a poison that pervades our history and our modern-day society.

Winning the Future

My mother and I started the morning in a courtroom, observing a legal challenge to Conshohocken Borough's new law protecting LGBT residents against discrimination. There were eight of us in the audience, all supporters of the...

A Republican Bill of Business Rights

This bill is a work in progress. Suggested amendments are welcome.

“13 Hours” is about to make our politics much, much stupider

If you're like me, you have zero intention of seeing 13 Hours, Michael Bay's new right-wing fantasy porn flick. Maybe, like me, you've sat through four incomprehensible Transformers movies (owing to a borderline masochistic...

Comic: Trump Camp

  I haven't heard too many people cite Godwin since the Trump campaign, which ticked most of the fascist boxes. The "victory tour" and his intention to continue holding rallies certainly doesn't help. But once...

Same as it ever was

The Republican Party attempts a rebranding, but the more things change the more they stay the same.

Philly Writers Group / How Occupy Philly Drove Me Away

After our monthly meeting on Saturday a few of us went for drinks, and conversation turned to Occupy Philly, and how they managed to squander popular support and alienate most of Philadelphia

A Note on Partisanship

A quick note about the way I view politics, and why I don't view my criticisms of Republicans as partisan.

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