Jonathan Coulton, Internet censorship, and creativity as industry

As an author, I have a vested interest in copyright law. More than being illegal, I view piracy as morally wrong - but to put large corporations in charge of deciding what is or is not a violation of copyright is just totally ludicrous.

Divided America: Changing the channels.

I keep hearing how America is "the most divided it's been since the Civil War." Superlatives aside, we are obviously incredibly divided along political lines. People seem confused about it, but I think the reason is pretty obvious: Based on the news we watch, we no longer live in the same America.

Joel Ward is not his Twitter critics

I had a very brief back-and-forth tonight with Greg Wyshynski from Puck Daddy, but as sometimes happens I had to come here to explain myself in a bit more detail. To clarify, my complaint...

What Graham Moore’s critics get wrong about “Weird.”

Persecuted though they are, queer teens don't hold the patent on feeling bullied--and sociological criticisms don't invalidate the experiences of individuals.

Trayvon Martin and the myth of a post-racial America

The lukewarm response from many white Americans to the murder of Trayvon Martin has been upsetting - but I think it has less to do with overt racism, and more to do with white America's reluctance to believe that racism is alive and well in America, and not just a part of our past.

Farewell, Jon Stewart. Thanks for keeping us sane.

How a late-night comedian changed American politics, saved my sanity, and gave us President Obama--and why he's right to leave the Daily Show behind.

On the Job

While half of the country goes crazy for guns, and the other half uses those guns to steal from the government, the Ku Klux Klan reassures Pennsylvanians that they are on the job.

In which the ACLU frees Watson and Crick

In 2009, I listened as ACLU attorney Chris Hansen outlined a radical new strategy to defeat gene patenting. Four years later, the Supreme Court has agreed with Hansen and the ACLU, and handed down a victory for women, for cancer research, and for science.

Sexting, and what it means to be a girl

On January 15, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit heard arguments in Miller, et al. v. Skumanick, a child pornography case that, oddly, involves no child pornography.

USA’s Oldest LGBT Bookstore to Close

Sad news this week as the Philadelphia Gay News reports that Giovanni's Room, the oldest LGBT bookstore in the country, will close for good in May.

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