The Adventures of REPUBLI-CON

September 30, 2013 Artwork, Comics, Politics / Religion Comments (1) 956

This comic owes much to Ruben Bolling of Tom the Dancing Bug and to Matt Bors, two terrific cartoonists whose work I’ve admired for years and from whom I’ve learned a lot. Also note, I’m not suggesting this is anywhere near as good as what they do.

This also took me a preposterously long time to finish. I really don’t know how real cartoonists do it.


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Let’s talk a bit about the War on Drugs

September 25, 2013 In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 451

There’s been a lot of discussion of health care around here recently, and not nearly as much about the War on Drugs. That’s a shame. It’s at least as colossal and destructive a failure as health care, and it won’t change in any meaningful way without a massive public outcry. Make no mistake, though: We can end the War on Drugs, and end the catastrophic damage it is doing to our country and our society, in a virtual instant. All we have to do is legalize, regulate, and tax all drugs. 

Now don’t stop reading. I already know what you’re thinking, and I’m not a pot enthusiast or a user of illegal drugs. Honestly. I’m one of the rare few for whom “Just Say No” did the trick. In fact, I was a staunch opponent of legalization until a single presentation, made by a police officer, changed my mind. Stick with me for a few paragraphs, and I’ll see if I can win you over too.

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A Historical Argument Against Conservativism

September 20, 2013 Politics / Religion, Video Blog Comments (0) 324

Throughout American History since 1776, the one consistent thing has been change. So why would a political philosophy label change as un-American or less than patriotic? It seems to me there are few things as American as embracing political change.


Crash Course US History:

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Oskar the Blind Kitten and his First Toys

September 18, 2013 Animals Comments (0) 592


Oskar, a blind kitten, playing with his first toys.

Oskar has a Facebook group at

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Study: Politics Make Brain Not Work Good

September 17, 2013 In The News, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 567

Yeah, okay, so this is a low blow...

His conclusion, in Mooney’s words: partisanship “can even undermine our very basic reasoning skills…. [People] who are otherwise very good at math may totally flunk a problem that they would otherwise probably be able to solve, simply because giving the right answer goes against their political beliefs.”

– From Marty Kaplan’s article at Salon.

A new study out of Yale Law shows not only that people cling to political beliefs even harder when confronted with evidence to the contrary, as prior studies have indicated, but also that such clinging harms the brain’s ability to perform basic reasoning, like simple math problems.

This is not a “nyea-nyea, everyone who disagrees with me has brain damage” post. It’s me sharing real concern for my own brain, and reinforcing my belief [oh no!] that we all must keep open minds and go where the evidence leads us–not an easy task for humans in general, but especially Americans.

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Weekend Roundup: Free Cocaine!

September 17, 2013 Personal, Pop Culture Comments (0) 394

Saturday night was my first Lit Crawl NYC. I had a great time with the folks from the Center for Fiction and Hyphen Magazine, and I spent most of the night with a dear friend and fellow writer who had shared good news.

The highlight of the night, though, was definitely the small black pouch I found at Three of Cups in the East Village. We were in the basement bar, a classic New York setting lit barely bright enough to see your drink, and the pouch was half-tucked between the cushions of of a sofa. I looked inside to see whether there was an ID, and instead found a baggie of weed and a dozen or so small glass vials of white powder.

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Fan Art?

September 16, 2013 Pop Culture Comments (4) 894


Someone named “Taco John” created this riff on my cartoon. I think this is the first time I’ve been parodied by a stranger.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

As usual, the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

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COMIC: A Long Time Ago in a Comment Section Far, Far Away

September 16, 2013 Artwork, Comics, Pop Culture Comments (0) 628

AD: This one weird trick will convince storm troopers to tell you to move along.

Inspired by recent experiences. “Recent” in this case meaning “over the last 17 years.”

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Health Care, Breaking Bad, and Virality

September 13, 2013 In The News, Personal, Pop Culture, Video Blog, Writing Comments (5) 1094


I became a little bit famous this week with a Breaking Bad cartoon that went viral. It’s a very strange feeling, and I’m very grateful. I also learned a few things I thought I’d share.


My cartoon, Breaking Bad: Anywhere but America Edition:

If Breaking Bad were made in Canada:

Chris on Tumblr: Chris’s Blog: Chris on Twitter:

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