black lives matter

All Lives Matter - Comic by Christopher Keelty

All Drives Matter

In less than two months, at least 68 people have driven into crowds of Black Lives Matter protesters. Summer Taylor was killed in one of the most recent events, in Seattle, but that was by no means an isolated incident. Just hours after her death, a Seattle cop posted a Facebook meme, “All Lives Splatter,” that’s been […]

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From Birth - Comic by Christopher Keelty (concept by Roxane Gay)

From Birth

After it was announced that yet another killer cop was going to walk without so much as a trial, Roxane Gay put out a suggestion for an editorial cartoon. I’m not sure I can fairly describe this as “collaboration,” but whatever it is, I was excited to be part of it. It’s a weird/shitty thing about drawing editorial cartoons that

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Might Makes Right - Comic by Christopher Keelty

Might Makes Right

Sandra Bland died, according to former cop and CNN contributor Harry Houck, because she was “arrogant from the beginning.” Whether police did or did not murder Bland while she was in custody, there’s no question that she was only in custody because she failed to show the arresting officer the kind of deference he expected–he gave

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