Devil’s Advocate

Nazis definitely have free speech under US law. You don't have to keep reminding everybody.

Republi-Con to the Rescue

John McCain, Republican super-hero, rushes to Washington to stop poor people from enjoying health care.
President Bannon Cartoon

President Bannon

My first portrait of Steve Bannon, our gin-soaked Pig-in-Chief
Alt Righteous: Nazi Puncher cartoon by Christopher Keelty

Cartoon: Alt-Righteous

What's the first thing you'd do if YOU had a time machine? It better not be "punch a Nazi!"

Cartoon: The Democratic Resistance

Help us, Democratic Party, you're our only... Oh, okay. Nevermind then.

Cartoon: Our Newest American Cryptid

This is really more of a sketch than a proper cartoon. Like many people I'm sad that Hillary has to live in the woods now--but I'm hoping to one day have my own Hillary sighting.

Comic: Trump Camp

  I haven't heard too many people cite Godwin since the Trump campaign, which ticked most of the fascist boxes. The "victory tour" and his intention to continue holding rallies certainly doesn't help. But once...