Game Over

October 4, 2020 Comics, Politics / Religion Comments (1) 688

I spent pretty much the whole weekend drawing two cartoons, both inspired by literary references so obscure most people won’t get them. I like this one, though. Apologies to Ingmar Bergman.

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MAGA of the Red Death

October 3, 2020 Comics, Politics / Religion Comments (0) 622

This one is really pandering to my fellow literary nerds.

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Comic: PPE-Ticket

July 13, 2020 Comics, Featured Comments (0) 624

Yes, Walt Disney World in Orlando opened to the public again this past weekend–the same weekend the state of Florida announced a record 15,300 new cases of Covid-19 in a single day. Who is going to Disney World in the midst of a raging pandemic? You can call it stupid, you might even call it sociopathic, but I guess even when there’s a killer pandemic, you just gotta get your Dole Whip on.

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