Cartoon: From Birth

After it was announced that yet another killer cop was going to walk without so much as a trial, Roxane Gay put out a suggestion for an editorial cartoon. I'm not sure I can...

Dear Sam

First chunk of free time I've had in quite a while, so you may get a few cartoons in the next couple of days.

More Crimes That Never Happen!

Perhaps the very worst thing about the repeal of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is that voters feared imaginary sexual assault so much that they voted in favor of actual sexual assault. There's basically...

Wayne LaPierre has plans for your kids

This and other new cartoons at

Chart: The Great Republican Dumbening

Charting the progressive drop in intelligence of the Republican Party

Whose Right is it Anyway?

The Oathkeepers hit Ferugson, Missouri

Cartoon: The Candidate’s New Clothing

You can fairly say a lot of things about Donald Trump. That he misrepresents the Republican brand is not one of them.

Cartoon: HitchBOT in Philadelphia

Basically just a sketch. Since I still think of Philadelphia as home, this feels fair.