Cartoon: What if Cecil the Lion were an African-American man?

Following his "violent confrontation" with a dentist from Minnesota, authorities are working to learn more about this lion with a "troubled past." Early reports indicate a history of violent predation and conflict with other lions.

Might makes right

Sandra Bland died, according to former cop and CNN contributor Harry Houck, because she was "arrogant from the beginning." Whether police did or did not murder Bland while she was in custody, there's no...


A personal favorite, drawn a little over a year ago to no acclaim. Point of trivia: You can tell because a croc’s fourth lower tooth is enlarged and visible (sticking out behind its nostrils) when its...

Weekend at Harper Lee’s

This one was not exactly fun, but it seems hard to deny. The evidence that really cinched it for me is this analysis at Quartz of the many sections where Go Set a Watchman...


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Cartoon: False Flag

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The L Stands for Lizardmen

This comic first appeared (with a slightly modified last panel) in Fusion.

Conspiracy Reality

As Texas frets over Operation Jade Helm, their fears are a little too real for some Americans.

An Error in Justice

When is a "volunteer cop" like a surgeon?